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Densimeter of natural gas PPG

Densimeter of natural gas PPG
Плотномер природного газа.png
Technical parameters:
Measurement of density is possible in the range:from 420 to 1600 kg/m3.
Measurement of temperature is possible in the range:From – 50 to +50 °С
Mass of the devicenot to exceed 4 kg

Principle of operation of the densitometer of the PPG natural gas

Adarter AD-3

Device carries out the functions under control of the operating controller or the PC in the dialogue mode according to the protocol of an exchange AUTP.413123.000 D1-03. For power supply of the device and coordination of levels of entrance and output signals of a product and the PC (the operating controller) it is recommended to use adapter AD-3. Device is intended for long continuous work.

The principle of action of a product is based on dependence of frequency characteristics of a sensitive element and resistance of the built-in sensor of temperature from parameters of the controlled environment.

The period of fluctuations of a sensitive element of a product at fluctuations near resonant frequency, at a difference of phases between tension of excitement and output current of the sensor 315 depends, generally on the rigidity of a sensitive element and mass which is taking part in fluctuations which consists of the mass of the sensitive element and mass of the so-called "attached" gas surrounding a sensitive element and making fluctuations together with it. The mass of the "attached" gas depends on its density.

Except these factors on duration of an output signal, affects the gas temperature. For correction of this influence dependence of an output signal from temperature is used. Calibration coefficients from density are based on the results of calibration gases of products with known density values at certain temperature points.

Transformation coefficients on temperature are by results of graduation of a product which consists in establishment of compliance between values of an output signal and temperature at which graduation was made.

Technical characteristics

  • Electro power of a product is carried out from a source of the direct current established out of an explosive zone via the IS barrier BASTION-4 AUTP.468243.006 TU at a voltage at the input of products (exit barrier) from 6.5 to 15 V, current consumption must not exceed 20 mA
  • Mass of product does not exceed 4.0 kg. Available time for work no more than 20 s.
  • Device provides delivery and reception of information on the RS-485 interface in the form of tension impulses with level logical 1 not less than 0,8 In and logical 0 no more than 0,1 In on loading of 120 Ohms. The controlled environment - natural gas (methane)
  • Range of measurement of temperature of gas from minus 50 to plus 50 ⁰С
  • Device is efficient in the conditions of influence of an elevated pressure of controlled gas of 7,5 MPas (75 kgfs/cm2) and after influence of test pressure of 11,25 MPas (112,5 kgfs/cm2)
  • Limits of the allowed given error of measurements of density in the working range of temperatures (from minus 50 to plus 50 ⁰С) make 0,25%, at a temperature of controlled gas and environment (20±5) ⁰С has to be equal 0,1 %
  • Limits of the allowed absolute error of measurements of temperature make 0,5 ⁰C in operating conditions
  • Time between failures products not less than 100000 h. The initial appointed resource of a product not less than 25000 h
  • The designated product life of at least 15 years
  • Period of storage of a product not less than 3 years