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Densimeter PLOT-3M

Densimeter PLOT-3M
Technical parameters:
Measurement of density is possible in the range:from 420 to 1600 kg/m3.
Measurement of temperature is possible in the range:from-40 to +85 °С
Variants of manufacturing the device in absolute permissible error in the density measurement±0,3 kg /m3, ±0,5 kg /m3, ±1 кг/м3
At measurement of temperature as an error the allowed limit is possible±0,3 °С

Densimeter PLOT-3M AUTP.414122.006 of TU is intended for automatic measurement of density of liquid with the maximum kinematic viscosity to 200 mm2 / with (200 cSt) in the range of temperatures from minus 40 to 85 s and transfer of the measured values on demand in the controller of measuring system or in the personal computer (PC) on the "current loop" interface (to RS-232, RS-485 with use of AD-1, AD-2 adapters).

As a part of the automated systems of the accounting of pure uniform liquids on a stream in products pipelines, there where periodic remote measurement of density, temperature and kinematic viscosity of liquid is required, including: on the main oil pipelines, on installations on processing of commodity oil. A type of explosion protection - "flameproof enclosure" and "an intrinsically safe electric chain" (IExibdllBT5 complete with the IS barrier "BASTION").

Technical characteristics:

  • The principle of work the principle of action - vibration: frequency of fluctuations of the sensitive element shipped in liquid is functionally connected with liquid density, and good quality of oscillatory system with kinematic viscosity
  • As the thermometer the built-in standard platinum converter of resistance is used
  • Information processing is carried out by the microcontroller of MCS-51 family of the AT89C52 type
  • The design of the vibration sensor is protected by the Russian Federation Patent No. 2024841
  • Technical characteristics The limit of the main error at measurement of density comprise of ±(0.035,0.05,0.1)%
  • Limit of the allowed absolute error of measurement of temperature ±0,3 ⁰С
  • Limit of allowable absolute error of measurement of kinematic viscosity ± (0,4 + 0,04 * v) mm2/s, where V is the value of the kinematic viscosity, mm2/s


  • Working environment - pure uniform liquids with the maximum kinematic viscosity of 200 mm2 / with (200 cSt) - commodity oil and products of its processing, alcohols, the liquefied hydrocarbonic gas (LHG), solvents and other liquids, nonaggressive in relation to alloys 45НХТ, 12Х18Н9Т, 12Х18Н10Т
  • Densitometer (PLOT-3-25, PLOT-3I-25) is calculated on work with a liquid 2,5mpa pressure (25kgs/cm2) and the maximum expense 1,5m3/h
  • Range of the measured density from 420 to 1600kg/m3
  • Range of measured temperatures from minus 40 to 85 ⁰С
  • Range measured viscosity from 1,5 to 200 мм2/с (сСт)
  • PLOT-3 is powered by a DC source installed outside the hazardous area, via the IS barrier "Bastion" AUTP.468243.001 TU at a voltage at the input of densitometer from 6.5 to 15V, current consumption is less than 20mA
  • PLOT-3 accepts the operating teams and outputs the measured density, temperature and viscosity of liquid on the channel of a consecutive exchange like "current loop" in the form of current impulses with level logical "1" from 5 to 20ma and logical "0" from 0 to 0,1ma with a transfer speed 2400bit/s
  • The minimum overall dimensions and mass, four wire communication line to 2000 m, small energy consumption, import element base
  • Recalibration interval PLOT-3 - 2 years

On densitometers the PLOT-3 types are received "The certificate on the statement of measuring instruments" of RU.C.31.011. And No. 217317 which is registered in the State register of measuring instruments at No. 20270-05, the Certificate of conformity No. Roos RU.ME92.B00760, Permission of Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision No. PPC 00-20135.