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Portable PLOT-3B-1P

Portable PLOT-3B-1P
Technical parameters:
Measurement of temperature is possible in the range:From-40 to +60 °С
Variants of manufacturing the device in absolute permissible error in the density measurement±0,3 kg/m3, ±0,5 kg/m3, ±1 kg/m3
Mass of the device2 kg

Appointment and principle of operation of the portable densitometer PLOT-3B-1P

The densitometer is intended for measurement of density, viscosity and temperature of liquids as in stationary capacities for storage of oil products - vertical and horizontal tanks, and transported - railway and a car tanks.

The principle of action at measurement of density and viscosity of liquid – VIBRATION. This principle based on dependence of frequency characteristics of the sensor of density on density and viscosity of the measured liquid. At change of density of the measured liquid, the resonant frequency of fluctuations of a sensitive element, and at viscosity change - its good quality.

Measurements are carried out by method of immersion of the sensor of density in liquid,directly through the neck of the container filler hatch. Using a densitometer possibly pure homogeneous fluids with kinematic viscosity of not more than 200 mm2/s, such as commercial oil (purified); benzene and gasoline; diesel oil of different brands; various alcohols; toluene solvents and other fluids with kinematic viscosity of not more than 200 mm2/s, at temperatures ranging from -40 to + 60 °C and non-corrosive liquids relative to aluminum alloys and alloys 45HХТ, 12Х18H9Т, 12Х18H10Т.

The device is equipped with a built-in display, enabling visually read the measured density values (including reduced to a temperature of 15 ° C or 20 ° C), the viscosity and temperature, as well as a USB connector for synchronizing with a PC.

Densitometer is certified and conforms to the following requirements:

  • for protection against influence of environment – execution of IP54 in accordance with GOST 14254 96;
  • on resistance and durability to impact of sinusoidal vibration - execution of N3 in accordance with GOST 12997 84;
  • on resistance to influence of temperature and humidity of air - execution of U1 in accordance with GOST 15150-69;
  • on proofness with use of intrinsically safe chains of the ia level - execution of "0ExiaIIBT5X" in accordance with GOST P 51330.0-99, GOST P 51330.10-99. Can be used in hazardous areas In-I, in accordance with Chapter 7.3 PUE and other policy documents regulating the use of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

Technical characteristics:


Ranges of measurement of density:

  • range 2: the lower bound - 630 kg/m3 - the upper bound of 1010 kg/m3
  • range 3: the lower bound - 950 kg/m3 - the upper bound of 1600 kg/m3

Execution options:

on an error of measurement of density:

  • +- 0,3 kg/m3 - execution "A";
  • +- 0,5 kg/m3 - execution "B";
  • +- 1,0 kg/m3 - execution "C".

on a viscosity measurement error:

  • viscosity does not measure – execution 0;
  • the given error +-3,0% – execution 2;

  • Limits of the allowed absolute error of measurement of density in the range of viscosity from 100 to 200 mm2 / with (200 cSt) make +-1,0 kg/m3.
  • Limits of the allowed absolute error of measurement of temperature of liquid in operating conditions make +- 0,2 C.
  • Average time between failures of a product - not less than 10000 h.
  • Average service life of a product - not less than 6 years.
  • Calibration interval - 1 year.