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IS barrier "Bastion - 2"


  • The BASTION is intended for ensuring intrinsically safe values of output tension and currents of electric chains.
  • Product functions in structure densitometers or other electronic blocks which are a part of systems of dispensing of oil products, and also systems of measurement of a volume mass expense and quantity. The product is established out of explosive zones of rooms and external installations.

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum input voltage between terminals 2 and 1 - not more 24 V and 4 3 - less than 6V
  • The open circuit voltage between terminals 5 and 6 - no more than 28; 7 and 8 - not more than 8.5 V
  • Current of short circuit between plugs: 5 and 6 of no more than 188 ma; 7 and 8 - no more than 161 mA
  • The maximum value of capacity of loading, including the capacity communication line no more than 0,2 mkf
  • The maximum value of inductance of loading, including inductance of the communication line no more than 2 mgn
  • The maximum value of total resistance between plugs: 2 and 5 no more than 180 Ohms 4 and 7, 3 and 8 - no more than 70 Ohms