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Application and technical characteristics of the Adapter AD-3

Adapter AD-3 is intended for transformation of the RS-485 interface to RS-232.

Service conditions:

  • on security from influence of environment on GOST14254-96 of execution of IP30;
  • on resistance to impact of sinusoidal vibration - on GOST12997-84 of execution of N3;
  • on resistance to influence of temperature and humidity of air - on GOST15150-69 of execution of moderately cold (MC)4 (range of working temperatures from 1 to 35 ⁰С, humidity of 80% at 25 ⁰С).
  • Product is installed outside the explosive zones of premises and external installations.

Technical characteristics:

  • Adapter AD-3 is powered by the AC mains voltage (220 22)V, frequency (50 1) Hz.
  • Adapter AD-3 for communication with the densitometer PLOT-3 (modified PLOT-3M and PLOT-3B) provides:
    • issuing a DC voltage (24 ± 3) V
    • information receiving and delivery by means of the RS-485 interface
  • Product is for connection to a PC provides:
    • delivery of transmitted data (TxD) with levels (6±12)V
    • eceive data (RxD) with levels (12 ± 6) V

Mass of a product is no more than 0,5 kg.
Overall dimensions of a product of 70х90х45 mm.