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Comparison of DM-230 densitometers and PLOT-3B-1P Protocol of comparative tests
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Trading house "Densitometer" It is a subsidiary of the leading manufacturer of commercial structures in the world means of measuring density and viscosity of liquids and measuring systems of CJSC "Aviatech" Arzamas.

Currently TD "Densitometer" - this:

More than 10 years we manufacture devices and systems for commercial metering of liquid and gas flow in the oil and gas industry. The constant development of technology, the creation of new technical solutions allows you to create more advanced types of devices and systems.

Devices of our enterprise are successfully operated in various branches:

Supply of devices is carried out for a number of companies CIS and abroad: Belarus, Moldova, Baltic States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan.

Trading house "Densitometer" - quality, time-tested!